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5 ways we can warm you up this Winter at Sweets & Treats

Jul 14, 2016   //   by shm@rk   //   Latest News, Special Occasion Sweets, Sweets & Treats Store  //  No Comments

It is COLD outside. Winter has well and truly hit Tassie this year with freezing temps,  rain, wind and even snow.  Never fear, we have come up with 5 ways you can stay warm at Sweets & Treats while giving your taste buds a treat at the same time.

Hot Chocolate: Winter at Sweets & Treats means one thing – Hot Chocolate. But not just any hot chocolate, our wintery warm drink is actually made from real chocolate! If you want something a little bit different, spice it up with one of delicious syrups like our amazing Turkish Delight Syrup.

Hot Nut Bar: We can promise you, they taste as good as they smell and they smell as good as they look! Our hot nut bar is the perfect way to warm you up from the inside with an amazing selection including cashews, honey peanuts and macadamias. You’ll be coming back for more!

Coffee, tea and Chai:  Whatever your preference of warm beverages we’ll have you covered. Since our renovation we have the added addition of our amazing new coffee machine which is guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest coffee snob!

Waffle Boats: Yes we admit, there is a bit of a chill factor with our scrumptious waffles with the addition of ice-cream but we think it’s worth it!

Chocolate: Event though our range of chocolate and choc-coated sweets isn’t hot temperature wise, there’s just something about these sweet sensations which seems to make us feel warm and fuzzy all over. Check out our huge range of goodies in store or online.

Stay warm everyone!

5 ways to stay warm this winter at Sweets and Treats


Make Mum Happy with Sweets that say I Love You

May 1, 2016   //   by shm@rk   //   Latest News, Special Occasion Sweets, Sweets, Sweets & Treats Store  //  No Comments

We all love our Mums and all that they do for us so how about showing her how sweet you think she REALLY is with a beautiful assortment of old fashioned sweets.

Our range of sweets cater for every taste.  Here’s a few of the Mother’s Day favourites that are always in hot demand for the Mums:

  • Coconut Ice
  • Hand-made fudge
  • Dusted Turkish delight
  • Rocky-road slabs
  • Caramel buds
  • Peanut Brittle
  • English Licorice toffees
  • Raspberry licorice logs

We can offer assortments of different collections and sweets to give Mum the ultimate Mother’s Day delight. Pop into our store or order online.



Sweeten up your Valentine with some sweet chilli chocolate

Feb 1, 2016   //   by shm@rk   //   Latest News, Special Occasion Sweets, Sweets, Sweets & Treats Store  //  No Comments

Are you wanting to surprise your Valentine with something a little different this year? Look no further than our delicious Choc-coated Chilli Peanut-Butter Brittle!

Chocolate and flowers can get a little boring but by adding a bit of extra zest (and chilli!) to the chocolate, you will definately make a lasting impression. The combination of the sweet chocolate and savoury taste of the peanuts is complimented perfectly with a subtle kick of chili.

If that’s a bit too hot to handle, check out our range of delicious choc-coated and jelly range guaranteed to make your special someone swoon. Can’t get to our store? Give us a call and we can deliver straight to your door!

Happy Valentines Day!

Sweet chilli chocolate